Android Splash Screen With Android Studio

Create an Android Splash Screen using Android Studio. Android splash screen is normally used to show the user progress before the application loads completely. Usually, people use splash screens just to showcase their application’s logos for a couple of seconds.

Android Splash Screen can be implemented like a small slider or a small video or anything like that, the steps would be almost the same.

Android Splash Screen With Android Studio
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Major Points:

  1. Create a new activity names SplashScreen.
  2. Go to the app -> New -> Activity -> Empty Activity.
  3. Design the XML part, see the video.
  4. Set the timer.
  5. Set the activity as the launcher on the AndroidManifest.xml File.

XML Part:

XML part is used to design the Splash Screen part. We are using an image view on an empty activity. XML is really simple and anyone could easily understand it.

Java Part:

Java part is used for setting the timer for Splash Screen. We just need a very few line of codes for setting the timer.

Download Source Code and Demo Application


Android Splash Screen With Android Studio – Demo Apk


Android Splash Screen With Android Studio – Source Code

Android Splash Screen Demo

Android Splash Screen Demo

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