C Language Input Output Header Files

C Language Input Output Header Files

Lets go through the basic header file is  C Program.

What is a header file ?
A header file is a file with the extension .h which contains C function declarations and macro definitions to be shared between several source files. Mainly header files are those which are present with in your compiler.
When you request to use a header file in your Program by using the C preprocessing directive #include, you are calling a file to your Program which makes it easy for coding the Program you needed. Header files contain certain functions that are useful while coding the Program. In this tutorial we would see on the <stdio.h> header file.

What does <stdio.h> do ?
This is the header file used for the input and output functions. The stdio.h means Standard Input Output Header. It includes the input and output functions to your program. For example printf which helps is displaying some output, and the scanf which helps in buying some input from the user.

How to call it in a program ?
Its really easy, just type


Now that’s all with adding header file #include<stdio.h> to a program. Now let’s see more of the program’s on the next part. See you soon.

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