Customise Navigation Drawer

Customise Navigation Drawer

How to Customize Navigation Drawer Icon, Text’s and Background. Edit it to your wish and make your application more beautifully. See the video and follow the steps, every thing is explained in the video. You can download the images of that i have used in the video down this post.

Watch the Video :


Watch the Video and Follow these steps :
1.  Open the previous project or if you haven’t seen our previous videos watch it at : Edit and Customize the Navigation Drawer

2. Open nav_header_main.xml file
  * Change the icon
  * Change the text
  * Change the background
     # Change it to an image or colour
3. Build your APK. Done.

Download the images :

Click the download button and wait for 5 seconds the page will automatically redirect.

That’s all for Customise Navigation Drawer of the Android Studio Project that we where dealing with now on the next post and video we would see how to Customise the side menu and add some functions to it.

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