Implementing onClicklistener in Android using Android Studio

Implementing onClicklistner on android using the android studio. In this video, I will be creating a Button and would be setting an onClicklistner for that Button. I would be showing you two examples of activity that is to be performed by clicking the button. First one is a Toast when you click the button a toast appears. The next one is creating a new activity and on clicking the Button the newly created activity opens. For this, you need to create a new activity and I am creating the Empty Activity. Watching the video you would be understanding exactly how to implement all these.

Demo Apk: https://downloads.codeseasy.com/demo-apks/2018/onClickListener-Button-Demo.apk

Source Code Files: https://downloads.codeseasy.com/project-files/2018/onClick-Listener-Buttons.zip

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